Video: BET Refuses to Air Nicki Minaj's ‘Stupid Hoe’

BET is refusing to run Nicki Minaj's latest video 'Stupid Hoe' and the execs aren't giving a reason as to why they are refusing to air it TMZ is reporting.

However sources are telling them that it's because she uses the word hoe repeatedly and there are lots of naked women in the video. In all honesty I don't watch BET but would this really be the first video like that, that the network has aired?

So I watched the video and while there is a lot of vulgarity I don't think it's all that different from what's out  there today from other artists. It's actually kind of freaky which makes it funny and that isn't even because she's pronouncing 'ho' as 'how' for most of the song.

The fact that BET is refusing to air it is ingenious. The video has received over 20 million views. Nicki Minaj will be at the Super Bowl half time this Sunday. I can't see this song being suitable to a Super Bowl crowd so it makes you wonder if she's going to sing this or what?

You've got to love the second line into the song where she sings; 'I'm Angelina, you Jennifer, come on bitch you see where Brad at'

Have a listen and tell us what you think. Is it offensive?


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