Video: Behind the Scenes of 'Glee' Season 3


In preparation of the 'Glee' Season 3 premiere, Fox has released two new videos, an extended promo and new behind the scenes footage (videos below).

In the extended promo, Sue Sylvester hurls dodgeballs at the cast to the tune of 'We Got the Beat.' In the other video, the cast talks about being back for Season 3 and there's behind the scenes footage; some of what looks like quite a big food fight.

In 'Glee' casting news, reports that Ashely Fink's Lauren Zizes character is  quitting New Directions and ending her relationship with Puck (Mark Salling).

The main cast has already ballooned to close to 20 people, including guest stars from 'The Glee Project': Idina Menzel and new players LeMarcus Tinker and Vanessa Lengies.


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