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Video: Bar Refaeli Wants to Make a Sex Tape

Bar Refaeli wants to make a sex tape?! Yuppers!!

In a new Funny or Die video, Bar is encouraging donations to her Kickstarter to fund for the making of a sex tape.

She says in the video,

"My name is Bar. I’m a model and actress, but I’ve never realized my true dream. I want to do it with some dude and film it and have people watch it. Please help."

For $200: "A set visit. So you'd see me having sex in person. If you have time, obviously."

And for $1,000: "I'd put you in the running to be the lucky guy. Or girl."

This is pretty funny... let's face it how many people would do this for free... the shooting of it and the co-starring role?


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