Video: 'The Avengers' Movie Premiere in LA


Joss Whedon’s eagerly awaited adaptation of Marvel’s The Avengers had a star-studded world premiere last night in LA at the historic El Capitan Theater. Marvel legend Stan Lee set the tone on a brand new tricked out Harley (Harley Davidson was one of the night’s sponsors) and of course, it was mandatory that every star and starlet then pose with the boss machine.

For those that couldn’t watch the live stream we offered, we also have some video of Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America) and Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) giving their thoughts on the film.

In addition to cast members Hemsworth, Evans and Renner, ScarJo turned up with a smile, Colbie Smulders smoldered at her first big screen premiere, Stellan Skarsgard brought arm candy in the form of his son Alexander, dapper Tom Hiddleston followed the grey suit trend (did you notice? The only leading man in not in some shade of grey was Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo…and Sam Jackson…okay so 4 out of 7), Clark Gregg brought still unrecognizable wife Jennifer Grey, Ruffalo brought his gorgeous wife Sunrise, Whedon pal  (and Iron Man 1 & 2 director) Jon Favreau can be seen in one of the vids talking to a guy in an Iron Man mask, Titus Welliver (who really needs a big screen role pronto) brought his mini-me sons and Seth Green inexplicably brought a blow-up doll (actually that’s his wife. Boys and their toys).  Finally,may I just say I absolutely love that Robert Downey Jr managed to be the “elder statesman” of this bunch all while retaining his rock-star edge (and it is beyond sexy how much he adores his wife). Speaking of rock stars, Soundgarden showed up to support the soundtrack album, as well.


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