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Video: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Caught Kissing

Despite Mila Kunis' repeated denials that she and Ashton Kutcher are not dating, pictures have recently surfaced of the two former stars of 'The 70s Show' kissing in public (video below). quotes a friend of Demi Moore saying that she "is devastated that Ashton has moved on so quickly and is dating Mila. She is beyond heartbroken."

"Seeing photos of him kissing another woman is too much for her to handle, it's like having her nose rubbed in it time and time again. She kind of knew it was definitely over between them but I think she was still holding out a little hope for a reconciliation, now he's actually dating someone else she knows that's not going to happen."

Moore, 49, and Kutcher, 34, broke up last fall after Kutcher has caught having sex with a 20-something fan in the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel in San Diego, California, which he denied for weeks.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Moore had alienated her daughters, who were trying to get a restraining order against her.

Apparently, Moore is upset that her daughters continue to speak to Kutcher despite her objections.


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