Video: 'American Chopper: Senior vs Junior' Resolves Father-Son Lawsuit

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The Discovery Channel's reality series 'American Chopper: Senior vs Junior,' took a significant turn this week as feuding father and son (Paul Teutel Sr. and Paul Teutel Jr.) settled a two year $100 million lawsuit, stemming from Paul Sr. firing Paul Jr. from their custom motorcycle company. Paul Sr. also wanted to force his son to sell his 20 percent share in the company (video below).

Beyond the lawsuit, the company seems to be going down the tubes. Paul Sr. fell far behind on $12.5 million worth of mortgages for the Orange County Choppers' Newburgh, N.Y. headquarters, which was foreclosed on last year.

After they settle the lawsuit,  Paul Sr. said, "Maybe we can have some healthy competition now" to his son, who has since opened his own local motorcycle shop, Paul Jr. Designs.

The series is a spinoff of 'American Chopper,' which ended shortly after Paul Jr. was fired from his father's custom motorcycle shop in February 2010.


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