Video: Actress Ellen Barkin Harassed by NYPD

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Actress Ellen Barkin tweeted early Sunday morning about a disturbing encounter she witnessed between the NYPD and a young girl that was being arrested.

Barkin’s friend, director Sam Levinson, posted a video (below) of Barkin confronted by an NYPD officer who physically moved her back on to the sidewalk and walked away as she questioned his actions.

"I was trying 2 make my way 2 young girl they had thrown in2 the van. She was not a protester. Was not drunk. She was walking home," Barkin tweeted on Twitter.

Later in the day, Barkin tweeted about the actions of the NYPD: "I have never been afraid of a NY policeman until last nite.What I saw was random & senseless arrests and unnecessarily threatening behavior."

Later, she Tweeted a message aimed at New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. “Fuck all of u. Bloomberg & every1 goose-stepping behind u.I cannot believe what I am seeing.U protect nothing.U ARE the violence in my city.”


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