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Victoria Beckham Says She is Probably a Horrible Boss

Victoria Beckham has admitted that she is probably a horrible boss and is a complete perfectionist, driving many of her employees crazy. 

Beckham runs her own fashion label and much like others in the industry, she does not get any rest until her projects are done right.

"I'm a perfectionist, I like everything to be right. I'm probably a complete pain in the neck to work with because it is really important to me because I've grown this brand from nothing to where it is now," she said.

She also discussed balancing motherhood with work. She said she plans to work around her children's lives to ensure she is there for them during important events.

"I think you feel so torn, don't you? But I've got great people who handle my schedule and everything does revolve around the children. So, if there's a parents' night or an Easter bonnet parade or a nativity play, whatever it might be, then I plan everything around that so I can always be there."

Beckham has come far after starting her own line, as many at first doubted the label's reputation.

"There's a lot of people here, I hope I'm going to say something good now. I've always wanted to be involved in the fashion industry, I felt it in my tummy. At the beginning there was a lot of raised eyebrow, or those that could raise their eyebrows. Whatn I started, I did one-on-one presentations, I'd talk for hours to people who didn't even speak English. I think a lot of people probably thought, 'Shut up, stop going on about a bloody grosgrain waistband!'"

Sources: Girls Talkin' Smack


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