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VH1's Weight Loss Show: You Must Win Back $10K Entry Fee

With America's obesity epidemic at an all-time high, the struggle to shed pounds has become an obsession.  But what many Americans are finding is that good health and good looks aren't motivation enough to put down the fries.  So this summer, VH1 is giving viewers a never-before-seen comedic look at a weight loss competition using the greatest American motivator of all... MONEY!  That's right, "Money Hungry," premieringMonday, August 2 at 9:00 PM* puts $10,000of the contestants' own money on the line to encourage them to drop those unwanted pounds once and for all. Tune in to see the drama, laughs and tears as these overweight teams fight to lose their fat and not their money!

Hosted by Dan Cortese, VH1's new series "Money Hungry" will test 12 pairs of contestants to see which team can resist temptation and drop the most weight.  But this isn't your average weight loss show.  These contestants were hand picked for their larger than life personalities and they have come ready to do anything to take home the money.

The excitement and drama will be high as each team on "Money Hungry" will have to put up an entry fee of$10,000 of their own money to begin the competition. In a winner takes all fashion, the couple who sheds the most combined weight will walk away with$100,000. Still want that donut? Each week couples will face grueling challenges, supersized temptations and pressure filled weigh-ins on their quest for the$100,000 grand prize. Although the contestants will be given access to personal trainers, personalized meal plans and state of the art amenities, working out and dieting are only half the battle.  Game play and strategy are a huge part of Money Hungry.  Alliances will be formed, backs will be stabbed, and hearts will be broken during the fierce competition.

Tune in to "Money Hungry" to see what happens when 12 pairs of contestants put their bodies to the test and their appetites on the backburner in an anything goes, winner takes all, weight-loss competition.


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