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Vanessa Hudgens Not Doing Drugs at Coachella, Says Rep

Vanessa Hudgens rocked up at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival over the weekend. The Sucker Punch actress was photographed in various outfits, channeling her inner hippy and getting her groove on.

Hudgens has had some flak over the years over those compromising pics. And a recent photo taken of the starlet at the festival had some wondering….

A snitch saw Hudgens reaching into a small bag containing a white substance. Oh the shock, the horror, you say. There is even photographic evidence of her licking the white substance. More shock, more horror.

Rest easy, people. It wasn’t talcum powder. Her rep has issued a statement saying the white substance was white chocolate. It was a hot day, the chocolate melted and what option is there – you stick your fingers in and lick it up.

What conclusion would have been drawn if she then licked the bag clean.

Oh, the scandal!


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