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Vanessa Hudgens Plays Stripper-Prostitute in 'The Frozen Ground'

Vanessa Hudgens playing the role of a stripper whore? It's almost like Hollywood read my mind. Thanks, Hollywood! From the Daily Mail:

It's her most gritty role to date, and one that comes with the burden of portraying a real live person. Though Cindy Paulson, the prostitute that Vanessa Hudgens plays in December's The Frozen Ground, very nearly lost her life to Alaska's most notorious serial killer, Robert Hansen.

Hudgens has been putting in some graft ahead of filming in Alaska, not least at the gym where she's been honing her body to film these pole dance scenes.

But it'll be the former High School Musical star's emotional range and ability to embody this complex character that will be judged in her biggest role yet. From the trailer it appears that she holds her own against [John] Cusack and [Nicolas] Cage, no mean feat.

Now this is an actor with artistic integrity. Vanessa's gonna be in a movie where she'll shake her moneymaker into an Oscar nod. Awesome, the Disney image has been officially shed and the gauntlet has been thrown directly in front of Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, and of the rest of my pocket pool Dream Team.

Ladies? It's time to finish up with the good girl routine and get slutty for some gold-plated statues.


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