Was the Vancouver Kissing Couple Posed? Or a Crime?


The search is on for the couple that appeared to be making out amidst all the rioting going on in Vancouver on Wednesday night.

Yesterday as the entire population of Vancouver seemed to converge on downtown to clean the mess of the rioters, employers gave employees time off from work or shut down work for the day to aid in the effort, people continue to search for the couple who were lying on the pavement. When you look at the photo on the top you can see why everyone is intrigued.
However, with the search has also come new angles including the one above which has led people to believe that at a minimum it is posed and a set up, but that there might also be a crime being committed. No one knows if the woman was a willing participant as it appears there is something more going on than just kissing and she is surrounded by a group of guys with cameras.

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