Usher's Ex-Wife, Tameka Foster, Says He’s Not That Sympathetic

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Tameka Foster, mother of Usher’s step-son Kile who passed away after a tragic accident, is now claiming that Usher isn’t as sympathetic as he appears.

Sources say that Usher blew off the funeral for her son, and he’s only pretending to be affected by the tragedy to garner sympathy and attention from his fans and the press.

Apparently, Usher asked the judge to postpone the hearing in the couple’s custody battle, stating that it would cause “unnecessary stress and strain” to Usher, his ex-wife, and their two children. His lawyer also asserts that Tameka would have an unfair advantage, because no one would rule against a woman still grieving the death of her son. Well, he may have a point there.

This is where Tameka’s claims come in. Her lawyers have filed their own paperwork stating that Usher’s claims of “stress and strain” are false, and that Usher only visited Kile in the hospital once during the 15 days he resided there before being taken off life-support. Tameka also says that she begged Usher to tweet about her son, asking his fans for prayers, but he refused – instead choosing to post a photo of his breakfast.

Tameka and her team believe that Usher is using the tragedy to put some time between the incident and the hearing, so put the pair back on level playing ground.



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