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Urkel Snaps? Actor Jaleel White Accused Of Domestic Violence

Jaleel White is being accused of domestic violence by the mother of his baby. According to a police report she filed, the couple were driving with their baby in the back seat when Urkel punched her in one of her breast implants. Then, after they got home, Urkel supposedly slapped her and pushed her into a toilet so hard it broke the tank.

Urkel? Really? Who knew? He honestly does not seem the type, but you know, I also would not doubt he has some anger built up inside him that he cannot shake the character he played as a kid. That has to suck when you want to move on as an actor as an adult and everyone wants you to be Urkel. Jaleel's people say none of this happened and this is all part of a custody fight and she is trying to ruin Jaleel's good name. I don't know. It seems pretty specific with details that would be pretty easy to check out, especially the toilet thing.


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