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University of Alabama Sorority Girls' Rap Video Goes Viral

A group University of Alabama students made a video as part of their school’s annual Rush Week, but to their great surprise the video has gone viral on YouTube (see video below).

The sorority girls, wearing white tank tops, trucker hats and sunglasses, dance around campus singing songs, off-key, by Chris Brown and Rebecca Black about “going Greek.”

(Picture by YouTube)

"It's rush week, rush week” the girls sing to Rebecca Black’s 'Friday,' another popular viral video. At one point in the video, the sorority singers ask, “What house should you pledge?"

The video was removed from the Panhellenic Association's YouTube channel, but has since been put back, where it has received some snide comments. One YouTuber wrote, “This is f***ing embarrassing. I love this school, but this is why people can't stand these s***heads.”

Cathy Andreen, University of Alabama media relations director, told The Huffington Post, “It was supposed to just welcome the girls who were going out for Greek rush.” Andreen didn’t know who posted the video to YouTube.

Apparently the video worked, reported that the University of Alabama 's rush week has seen a record number of pledges, with more than 1,700 and counting.

Ashley Getwan, president of the Panhellenic Association at the University of Alabama added, “We didn't realize it would get so much publicity. Any publicity is good publicity, we hope.”


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