Universal Pulls 'Gay' Line from Vince Vaughn's Dilemma Trailer


LOS ANGELES --Last month Universal shared a link to the trailer for the film 'The Dilemma' with GLAAD. After reviewing, GLAAD called on Universal to remove the scene where the word 'gay' was used as a pejorative from the trailer. Today, after Anderson Cooper also spoke out against the scene, Universal confirmed to GLAAD that the offensive joke will be removed from promotional campaigns from this point forward, including in the trailer currently playing in movie theatres.

"The use of the word 'gay' in this trailer as a slur is unnecessary and does nothing more than send a message of intolerance about our community to viewers," said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios.

For more information please see glaadblog.org. (http://glaadblog.org/2010/10/08/after-consultations-with-glaad-universal-pulls-trailer-for-vince-vaughns-latest-film/

Read this press release on GLAAD's website.


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