United Nations Names Angelina Jolie as Special Envoy


After a decade of working tirelessly on behalf of refugees around the world, the beautiful and beguiling Angelina Jolie has been honored with a key role.  Jolie will now serve as special envoy  of High Commissioner Antonio Guterres.  Speaking to journalists in Geneva, spokesman Adrian Edwards, explained the role:

"She is expected to focus on large scale crises resulting in mass displacement of people, to undertake advocacy and represent UNHCR and Guterres at the diplomatic level"

These types of prestigious roles are normally awarded to former diplomats and retired politicians, but Jolie has clearly demonstrated herself as an expert on difficult and complex refugee issues and a compassionate champion of their needs.  Through her more than 40 field visits to countries around the world, she has become very familiar with the countries most in need and for long term lasting solutions for these situations.

It was over a decade ago that she took her first trip to Sierra Leone to witness first hand the sheer horror and  endless atrocities that refugees there had experienced.  Where a life works is daily survival.   In her book "Notes from my Travels" she articulates the strength and grace of people of have experienced so much hardship. From Sierra Leone, to the Congo, to Cambodia, Jolie worked tirelessly to better understand the regions and the complexity of the issues that they face. And, even despite being left stranded to fend for herself (After a Hollywood studio canceled the plane they had promised would pick her up in the Congo) she has never forgotten or stopped working to help improve the conditions of those most vulnerable

A remarkable woman on a remarkable journey to help make the lives of those most in need just a little easier.


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