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After Affair, Actor Eddie Cibrian Moves In with LeAnn Rimes

Eddie Cibrian's transformation to kept man is now complete. This week he is moving into the house of LeAnn Rimes, and Kneepads says they are even converting some of the rooms to bedrooms for his children. One of the kids is getting LeAnn's old office, and the other child will sleep in the dog's old room. Nice.

Apparently since Eddie is not working right now, they decided to save money by having Eddie movie in with LeAnn. LeAnn bought the house when the couple made their relationship public. The house is just two blocks from Eddie's marital home, so Eddie's ex-wife runs into LeAnn and Eddie at the grocery store and other places around the neighborhood, which must be fun for her.

Eddie is trying to earn his keep, though. People have spotted him doing yard work. Maybe he is training for a new career as a landscaper.


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