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'Undercover Boss' Fires Employee Who Refused To Wear Bikini Top (Video)

The CBS reality TV series "Undercover Boss" features bosses in disguise working for their own companies. Normally, the boss ends up learning more about his or her company and gives the employees financial bonuses.

However, last night on the show, Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill owner Doug Guller fired one of his employees, "Jessica," who refused to wear a bikini top while CBS was filming (video below).

Guller disguised himself and went to work at his self-described “breastaurant” in Austin, Texas, reports Jezebel.

“It was a big bummer from my point of view,” Guller told Jessica, who worked as a bartender.

Guller also claimed that Jessica had “overserved" a customer. He recalled how Jessica had unwittingly told him, while he was in disguise, that she was trying to find a new job.

In another awkward moment, Guller offered breast implants to a female employee named "Gracie" if she promised not to text at work.

According to the Daily Mail, while Guller and CBS tweeted about wonderful the show was, there was tons of backlash from the audience:

"Hey @CBS @undercover_cbs, this a joke, right? #UndercoverBoss Someone at CBS needs to be fired #OutofTouch"

"It's one thing for a close minded man like @DougGuller but I expected better from CBS."

"@undercover_cbs Sexism? misogyny? patriarchal oppression of women?"

"@DougGuller Rather than calling you names, I called your Arlington location and told the woman who answered that she deserved better."

Sources: Jezebel, Daily Mail
Image Credit: CBS Screenshot


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