UK Store Reveals 'Downton Abbey' Beauty Product Line


Fans looking to immerse themselves in the world of the British period drama, “Downton Abbey,” can soon try a new line of beauty products allowing them to look and smell like their favorite characters from the series.

British retailer, Marks and Spencer, revealed the 10-piece collection of Downton-themed products, which includes a scented candle, lip gloss, nail polish, crème bath (similar to bubble bath) and a cosmetics bag, reports NBC News. Each item features ornate, post-Edwardian packaging donning a picture of the Downton estate, its crest and quotes from the series’ characters, such as Tom Branson’s line “I’d expect no less” from season 2 and “No one wants to kiss a girl in black,” spoken by Violet Dowager in season 1.

The Downton product line will be available online in October and at 250 M&S stores across the nation. The lip gloss set and the fragranced candles will cost about $13 and the luxury collection set will cost about $74, reports The Daily Mail. The products are not necessarily historically accurate, such as the nail polish, which would not be worn by ladies of the estate during that time period.

After Downton’s debut in 2010, the demand for vintage-style clothing skyrocketed, reports NBC News. So it is no surprise M&S signed a two-year contract with NBC Universal to bring Downton-themed products to adoring fans nationwide. The show’s executive producer revealed plans earlier this year to launch not only a line of “Downton Abbey” apparel, but also Downton-themed furniture and home products.

With all this 20th-century garb and accessories to go around, it appears fans might be able to satisfy their “Downton Abbey” craving until the next season premiers in the September for U.K. fans and in January for U.S. audiences.

Sources: NBC News, The Daily Mail


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