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UCF Playmate Shanna McLaughlin Brings Gun on Plane

Wait, you can’t bring guns on a plane?

The very infamous Shanna Marie McLaughlin, Playboy’s Miss July 2010, was arrested on Monday at Orlando International airport. According to Florida Today, the controversial ex-University of Central Florida (UCF) graduate student attempted to board a plane to Los Angeles carrying .45 caliber Colt loaded with hollow point bullets.


McLaughlin reportedly told authorities that the gun was her boyfriend’s and that she had no idea it was there. Furthermore, she explained that she had a concealed weapons permit, which was later verified and confirmed.  

Police arrested McLaughlin and charged her with a misdemeanor – carrying a firearm in a place prohibited by law.

She eventually posted a bond of $250.

"Our officers intercept several guns every day at checkpoints across the United States. In Orlando, last year we intercepted 28 guns that passengers brought to the checkpoint and year-to-date we have kept 19 guns from being carried in the cabin of planes leaving from Orlando," said Sari Koshetz, TSA spokeswoman to Local 6 in Florida.

"Passengers need to remember that the last time they might have used a suitcase was for a road trip, and that they need to carefully inspect the contents of all luggage before coming to the airport. Our mission is to keep you safe and we do that every day."

McLaughlin, of course, earned national acclaim last year when she posed for a very controversial UCF locker room spread for the cover of Axis.


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