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UC Irvine Will Offer Online ‘Walking Dead’ Course

A California college has decided to offer a course based off of AMC's popular zombie-based TV show "The Walking Dead." The University of California, Irvine is introducing an online course called "Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s 'The Walking Dead.'" The free class will last eight weeks and be hosted on Instructure’s MOOC platform. The course is being taught by UC Irvine professors with different disciplines: Zuzana Bic, public health; Joanne Christopherson, social sciences; Michael Dennin physics; and Sarah Eichhorn, mathematics.

The course will begin the day after the Season Four premiere of "The Walking Dead," the The Huffington Post reported.

"'The Walking Dead' provides many poignant case studies related to the scholarly areas covered in the course, and it helps that it’s one of TV’s most popular shows," Bic said in a news release. "There will be something for everyone in this course, which will explore concepts as varied as post-disaster nutrition, the foundations of human survival and stereotypes in a Darwinian environment."

The course will also cover subjects like the spread of disease and population dynamics.

“I’ve never taught a class on math related to zombies before, but this is the same mathematical content I’d teach to undergraduates at UCI, and a way to reach new students,” Eichhorn said.

"The Walking Dead" is very popular with the 18-49 demographic, making it ideal subject matter for college students.

"There is clearly a growing appetite for engagement with 'The Walking Dead,' and we hope this online course will drive a deep, sustained connection with the show during its upcoming fourth season and offer a legitimate educational experience that can be applied even more broadly," said Theresa Beyer, vice president of promotions and activation at AMC.

Students who finish the class will not receive any sort of degree or certificate of completion.

Sources: The Huffington Post, AllThingsD


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