Tyler Perry Pulled Over, Accuses Cops of Racial Profiling


Comedian Tyler Perry wrote a Facebook post on April 1, 2012 about police pulling him over, which was no April Fool's joke. It really happened and now Perry is accusing two white Atlanta police officers of racial profiling.

On April 1, 2012, Perry was pulled over by Atlanta police after he admittedly made a left turn from a far-right lane. Perry wrote on Facebook that it was a trick his security guards taught him, to make sure he wasn't being followed.

After two white Atlanta police officers pulled him over, Perry explained his illegal turn.

One officer allegedly asked: "Why do you think someone would be following you?" Before Perry could answer, the second white officer started banging on his passenger's side window because it is tinted.

As both officers questioned Perry about why he thought someone may be following him, a second police car pulled up with a black police officer.

"He took one look at me and had that 'Oh No' look on his face," Perry wrote. "After that, one of the officers stayed near his car while one came back, very apologetic."

Perry was released, but reports do not say whether he was cited for his illegal left turn or tinted windows. Georgia law also makes it a misdemeanor to tint driver's or passenger's side windows under certain conditions.


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