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2 Undercover Cops at Gay Bar: Drink Jagermeister then Conduct Raid

Two Undercover Cops At a Gay Bar In Atlanta Drank $110 Worth of Jagermeister then Raided the place

This incident happened in 2009..but there was finally a recent settlement..but the judge threw out the lawsuit..cuz the cops got DRUNK before the raid..

So ya  gotta go under cover at a GAY BAR..just how do you fit it? If its a leather bar like the EAGLE in Atlanta Georgia, ya don't go in drag... naw.. ya grab best leather vest- a can of crisco- and  bunch of cash to pay for all the shots you are gonna consume Before you and your buddies raid the place!

  Two undercover cops from Atlanta are accused of taking $110 worth of JAGERMEISTER SHOTS at a gay bar, RIGHT before their fellow officers busted in to raid the place. .

The bar called the Atlanta Eagle.  The Atlanta PD was running a sting on the place back in 2009, because there were reports that men were getting-it-on with each other in plain sight while others watched.

During the raid, employees and customers were cuffed, arrested, and some officers harassed patrons with gay slurs, and the whole incident became a scandal for the Atlanta police.  The bar filed a lawsuit against the city, which has been settled.

There's no report on what specific gay acts were going on at the bar during the raid, but they couldn't have been too graphic, because all charges were eventually dropped.



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