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'Twilight's' Nikki Reed Dating 'American Idol's' Paul McDonald

“Twilight” actress Nikki Reed is reportedly dating “American Idol” heartthrob Paul Mcdonald.

Actress Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald, 26, have been dating since they met on the red carpet at the “Red Riding Hood” premiere in Los Angeles.

The first time the new couple met was actually caught on camera when Nikki approached Paul on the red-carpet and said, “You’re amazing. I’m blushing, I should go.”

Paul then said, “Wow, thank you” and the two hugged and said goodbye.

Then Paul asks later, “Was she a famous actress or something? I’d hang out with her!”

Nikki Reed’s friend Peter Facinello has been backing the singer, tweeting, “Calling all pfach Followers. Give Paul MACdonald your vote this week on American idol. I luv this guys music. Only a half hour left to vote”, following up with, “Heres the number. 1-866-43657-09. Only 10 minutes left. #vote4PAulMACdonald”

Nikki Reed’s new boyfriend avoided elimination on last night’s American Idol but the show’s frontrunner Pia Toscano was sent home.

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