TV's "Mike & Molly" to Tackle Marie Claire "Fatties" Controversy


The CBS comedy "Mike & Molly" will address the blog post on that riled up the Internet by asking if the "fatties" in the hit TV show should "get a room."

Billy Gardell, who plays titular character Mike, told Entertainment Weekly's website EW that his Thanksgiving speech on the show will contain "a very eloquently put thing...that kind of says everything we feel."

The controversial Marie Claire blog post contained sentiments such as this one: "I'd be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other ... because I'd be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything." It generated so much outrage that it ended up giving "Mike & Molly" a ton of press. It's now the most watched new sitcom on TV, and an average of 12.2 million people tune in to each episode. It recently received a full-season pickup from CBS.

"It did give it a lot of attention," said Gardell, "but I'd rather attention be got by the good work we're doing. Overwhelmingly, people from the Internet came to our side. And not just to our side, but to the side of overweight people, which was nice... Comedy is comedy but when you say you hate someone for how they look, then that changes the atmosphere."

Gardell also said the show isn't really about weight or obesity: "If by episode six, we're only relying on fat jokes, we won't have much of a show. [Their weight] is completely secondary. It's about those two trying to keep a relationship together, which is what everybody goes through. That's the main focus of the show now."


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