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"The Client List" (Lifetime)

Jennifer Love Hewitt heated up the small screen last year when she starred in a Lifetime original movie titled "The Client List." The movie was so popular that this year there is a TV series on Lifetime with the same name as the movie.  Hewitt steams up this series just as she did the movie. The problem is there was barely enough plot to fill the running time of the movie, so when you stretch it into infinity as a series it just fails to fill.

Riley Parks (Hewitt) and her husband Kyle (Brian Hallisay) are having a difficult time making ends meet. He is on disability and she has been unable to find a job. Finally one day she discovers a massage parlor called ìThe Rubî and applies for a job as a masseuse. "The Rub" is owned and operated by a woman named Georgia (Loretta Devine) who immediately hires Riley.

Shortly thereafter Kyle takes off for parts unknown leaving Riley with the full responsibility of providing for herself and their two kids. He mother (Cybill Shepherd) offers help with babysitting but is not in a position to offer financial help. To earn more money Riley agrees to take customers who are on a special "client list." This means they get a massage plus extras.

This is a sexed up series and not what you have come to expect to see on the Lifetime network. Hewitt wears a variety of cleavage baring outfits and every man who is in need of her services is good looking and in great shape. There are no dirty old men making their way to
"The Rub."

It is hard to see how this basic plot is going to expand if the series progresses. There is a side plot that has potential that involves Riley and her brother in law Evan (Colin Egglesfield). There is also some potential in the group of women with whom Riley works at ìThe Rub.î

Hewitt brings a lot of charm to the role of Riley but her natural niceness is at odds with this role she is playing. Riley at first seems hesitant to provide the extra services but later appears to be more than eager to please ñ as long as the tips are right. As a central character this lack of morality is a fatal flaw.

There should certainly be a lot of curiosity about the show at the start of its run, but as the weeks pass the interest should fade. Hewitt's cleavage can only draw viewers for so long. The makers of this show better come up with a plot that draws the viewers in or the run of "The Client List" will be a short one.

"The Client List" airs on the Lifetime network Sundays at 10PM.

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