TV Reporter Pat Tomasulo Gets Revenge on 'Video Bombers'


A reporter in Chicago got revenge on "video bombers" for a day when he embarrassed them with a series of personal questions.

Pat Tomasulo received permission from his bosses at a local TV station to run the bit, which took place in a mall. 

Tomasulo was alerted every time someone was behind him and trying to get in on his news report. While the video bombers likely expected not to be noticed by the reporter or the crew, they were, and were asked to come back.

When they came up to Tomasulo after he asked if they wanted to be on TV, that was when he began asking them questions. 

Pretending he was doing a report on mens health, he quickly began asking how long one man had been using a cream to get rid of a rash.

The man was soon embarrassed and confused, eventually walking away to avoid even more public humiliation.

He then asked another group of men how long they had been wearing women's underwear. 

Tomasulo was voted as one of the top five broadcasters who would replace Regis on "Regis & Kelly" in a nationwide promotion. He has been a reporter for WGN-TV since June 2005. He was previously a sports reporter.

Sources: Daily Mail,Inquisitr


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