TV Report On Bad Driving Conditions Interrupted By Car Wreck (Video)

A TV news reporter was doing a live report on Feb. 25 about the bad weather conditions on a Tennessee highway when a pickup truck spun out of control and slammed into a guard rail.

WDEF reporter Caitlyn Jones was filming from Highway 153 near Chattanooga, Tennessee (video below).

After the crash, Jones said, "That just happened right behind us, I'm glad it didn't happen to me, but as you can see this truck, this black truck, just ran into a guard rail, whew, scary scene right here, guys."

"Wish we could help him," added Jones before her live shot froze.

Deadspin.com noted that this type of accident has happened before during live reports and asked, "(I)s it really safe for reporters to be hanging out on road-sides?"

Sources: WDEF, Deadspin.com
Image Credit: WDEF Screenshot


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