TV News Anchor Lusts After Female Reporter in Swimsuit on Air (Video)

On the Fox 5 morning TV news show "Good Day New York" yesterday, anchorman Greg Kelly was very enthusiastic when reporter Anna Gilligan wore a bikini during a live remote segment.

Gilligan was wearing the swimsuit to swing across some water at "Tarzan the Ride," an attraction at the newly-renovated Action Park in Vernon, N.J., noted Deadspin.com (video below).

After Gilligan removed her dress to reveal a bikini, Kelly said, "Wow, here she goes in a two-piece."

Gilligan swung across and then dropped into the water. She quickly got out on the other side, still in her bikini.

"First of all, nice bathing suit," Kelly told Gilligan.

After Gilligan said she was "going to go get some clothes on," Kelly responded, "Not so fast. let's see, this is in New Jersey right?"

Kelly's co-anchor saw through his ruse, punched him and said, "Be nice!"

"I just want to talk to her a little longer," Kelly responded.

"Stop milking this shot," scolded his co-anchor. "What is wrong with you?"

"Relax," stated Kelly. "Don't be frowning at me."

Kelly, who is the son of former New York City Police Chief Ray Kelly, was accused of rape in January 2012, but the TV anchorman insisted that the sexual encounter with his accuser in a Manhattan law office in October 2011 was consensual.

Ultimately, the investigation ended with no criminal charges filed against Kelly, then 43.

His 28-year-old accuser had sent him flirtatious and friendly text messages before and after the sexual encounter, but claimed she was too drunk to consent to sex.

"I am thankful that the investigation established what I've known all along, that I am innocent of the allegations that were waged against me," Kelly said in a statement in February 2012, noted the New York Daily News.

Sources: New York Daily News and Deadspin.com


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