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TV Cancellation Uproar Over Popular Thailand Show 'Nua Mek 2'

Channel 3, in Thailand, has canceled a popular prime-time action drama 'Nua Mek 2,' causing an uproar with viewers who are demanding that the final episodes be shown.

Channel 3 announced last Friday that it was axing the drama after "having considered that some content was inappropriate for broadcast."

Nua Mek 2 told the story of a fictional Thai prime minister, his corrupt deputy, with some black magic and political manipulation thrown in, reports the Associated Press.

An unidentified Channel 3 executive told a member of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, Thailand's broadcast regulator, that the channel feared the show's content would violate a law that prohibits the broadcast of "content that seeks to overthrow the constitutional monarchy, threatens national security or morality, or constitutes profanity or causes severe harm to people's mental or physical health."

Supporters of Nua Mek 2 speculated that Thailand's government had something to do with the cancellation, however, government officials denied doing so.

The Prime Minister's Office spokesperson Warathep Rattanakorn said in a statement on Saturday: "Those who know best are the broadcaster, producers and related personnel."

Scripts of Nua Mek 2 have been posted on the websites of Thai newspapers and show that the prime minister was to be assassinated by the end of the show.

Some viewers urged Channel 3 to show the remaining episodes, while some called for a boycott of the channel.

The Thai Constitution Protection Association said it would seek a government order to force Channel 3 to air the two remaining episodes.


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