Tupac Shakur Sex Tape with a Groupie?

A sex tape dating back to 1991 of Tupac receiving oral sex from a groupie has surfaced and the owner plans on releasing it. Whether that means through a place like Vivid Entertainment or what is unknown.

Apparently the oral took place at a house party where Tupac walks into a room with no shirt and his pants down around his ankles, a cocktail in one hand and a joint in the other. Pulls some lady towards his crotch and she goes to town. How sexy is that? A song of his is playing that he starts rapping and dancing to while the groupie does her thing.

That Hallmark moment is only sweetened by Money B from Digital Underground coming over, putting his arm around Tupac and the two are singing and dancing and the groupie keeps on providing her oral service to Tupac. TMZ has seen the tape, it all happened and we are all going to have a chance to see it too. Oh goodie.


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