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Tuesday is Star Wars Day. But Why May 4?

It's not an official government holiday, but May 4th is considered "Star Wars Day" -- the day to celebrate the epic "Star Wars" movie series. But why May 4th?

Maybe you think it's the day the original "Star Wars" was released in 1977? Well, you'd be wrong. That was May 25. Maybe it's the day in 1999 when the first film of the new trilogy hit the screen? Wrong again -- that was May 19.

So why May the 4? Say it -- doesn't "May the Fourth" sound a whole lot like the beginning of "May the force be with you?" And there you have it. A simple pun somehow started a movement among the films' rabid fans.

So Tuesday is the day to be the biggest geek you can be -- go dig that light-saber out of the back of your closet and wave it around. Play with your vintage "Star Wars" action figures. And of course, quote the movies to everyone you see, and "May the force be with you."


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