Lil Wayne and Other Rappers Deserve to Be in Jail


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Some people choose silence as a way of dealing with their anger, while others rant their issues via Twitter. Personally I prefer the latter, but 140 characters aren't enough to speak my mind. Here's where issues meet article, Truthfully Speaking to be exact. Every week at about this time, find out what's fcuking up SBK's patience or needs some attention. Welcome to the world of The Madd Writer.

Travel a couple decades back to the 90's, and the idea of notable rappers and jail stints seemed like rare occurrences. The most notable example being Tupac Shakur and his 1995 jail sentence, which eventually led to a Death Row record deal following the $1+ million bail from Suge Knight. Now fast forward to more recent times, and it seems as if jail has become the new club for rappers. Forget classic albums, multi-platinum record sales, and Grammy Awards on your resume, if you're a rapper and you haven't spent time in jail… You ain't s***! (or so it would seem).

Think about the end of Jay-Z's "Dead Presidents" video, where he, Biggie, AZ, and others decide to play Monopoly with real cash instead of fake multi-colored money provided. Well, the rap game has seeming turned into a real-life version of Monopoly, with more rappers drawing "Go To Jail" than passing Go. Much like the generation before us could draw from 2Pac as the prime example, our generation has various acts from which to draw from. These individuals include T.I., Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, Remy Ma, Shyne, Mystikal, and C-Murder. The first four names obviously being the biggest, jail has pretty much become synonymous with their career.

Given the history of African-Americans, the idea of going to jail has never been something to be proud about, given the population numbers. While our past includes a number of historical figures (Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Huey Newton) that spent time behind bars, please believe that these rappers aren't them. Convictions for federal weapons, drugs, criminal weapon possession, murder don't compare to what the civil rights activists were locked up for.

In reality, those are stupid reasons for individuals of their statuses to be locked up. Making significant amounts of money from record sales, touring, merchandise, endorsements, and you do some dumb shit like get caught carrying a gun, arrested for drugs while on probation, or commit first-degree murder… Your dumb ass deserves to get locked up!

From that, something I have never understood is the whole "Free _______" movement every time a rapper gets some time behind bars. I can understand fans' undying support for their favorite artists, but when they're stupid enough to commit stupid crimes, they deserve the penalties that come with it. No one likes to see another person get hit with time in jail, which results in time away from family, friends, and the outside world, but when it's situations like these, it's time to cut all the "Free _______" s*** out.

Every rapper ain't Nelson Mandela, and don't deserve to be freed from a sentence they rightfully earned. The numerous convicts that sit in jail doing years for crimes wrongfully accused are the ones we need to be screaming to let free, not these rappers who walk around without the bare minimum of common sense. When Public Enemy yelled "Fight The Power," it was rightfully with reason and conviction, but these idiots yelling "Free _______" need to rightfully STFU. Do your favorite rapper a favor and pray for them during their time away that they come back a better, smarter person than who they were when they went in. Point blank, do your time and learn from it instead of searching for an easy way out.

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