Slim and Trim Your Waist - Bollywood Style

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Fitness professional and celebrity trainer to the Bollywood stars, Satyait Chaurasia gives tips on how to lose those tire rolls we hate and keep it off - he says:

“The waist is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and extreme care should be taken to avoid adding even a little bit of flab. It’s easy to add weight around the waist, but losing the extra flab requires tedious workouts. But with a perfect diet and proper exercise
schedule, the added inches can be knocked off. A few extra can be reduced in just two weeks or so, depending on the intensity of the exercises.”

The exercises he says will get you there? Circuit training, swimming, hula-hoops, crunches, pilates and even aerobics, and weight training.  

“For those who are looking at showing off great abs, circuit training is best. Swimming is another exercise that’ll help tone up the waist.”
She adds,

“However, no amount of exercise will work unless one keeps at it.”

But don't forget to change what you put into your mouth as well.  Shiny Chandran, sports nutritionist, says,

“The more muscle you have, the easier it becomes to lose weight around the waist. One simple rule is to consume protein before and after a workout schedule.”

According to Shiny,

“People tend to have a craving for foods that are high in carbs and that is a big no-no if a lean waist is the goal.” She adds, “Lean red meats, fish or chicken have an ingredient called creatine and this is particularly useful for those doing weight training exercises.”

And an interesting tidbit of information is,

“Continuous cardio and a well-balanced diet will help avoid sagging of the skin, which is usually the first symptom of a careless schedule.”


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