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Trailer of "Boys Meets World" Spin-Off "Girl Meets World" Debuts (Video)

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The first preview of Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, the spin-off of Boy Meets World, was finally released.

The 30-second clip features Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) married and struggling with parenthood. In the clip, Matthews’ daughter Riley tries to sneak out her bedroom window with her best friend. Instead, Matthews climbs through the window himself and gives them a talk.

“Here’s what I’m thinking,” Matthews says. “If it was your world, Maya would have you on the subway already thinking you put something over on me.”

The new show will include appearances by characters in Boys Meets World, like George Feeney, the teacher for Cory and Topanga.

The spin-off will focus on Riley’s struggles as an adolescent.

The series will premiere during the summer with 12 episodes, but it has no set start date.

Sources: The Inquisitir, NY Daily News


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