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Tracy Morgan Sheds Weight On Diet Program

Comedian Tracy Morgan has become an unofficial spokesman for diet program me NutriSystem after losing 10 pounds in just two weeks. The "Cop Out" star, who suffers from diabetes, has adopted a more healthy lifestyle in the past year, changing his eating and exercise habits. Morgan reveals he's been using the NutriSystem diet plan to help battle the bulge - and he's more than pleased with the results. He tells,

"I use NutriSystem. The most weight I lost was 10 pounds in two weeks. "(I eat) Corn Flakes, Cheerios, Raisin Bran, they have nutrition bars that are delicious. I have them in my house."

But Morgan confesses he's slipped up a few times in his efforts to eat healthily:

"I have to cook my entrees. I cheat sometimes, but I try not to." And he insists the weight loss has nothing to do with his new Hollywood career - it's simply to minimise health risks. He adds, "I'm not obese or anything, but I wanted to come down off the weight and lower my blood pressure."


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