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Tori Spelling’s Husband Hospitalised After Motorbike Crash

Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott has been hospitalised and put in intensive care after a motorbike accident.

According to, McDermott was dirt bike riding with two friends on Tuesday when the crash happened.

“[Dean] has a punctured [and] collapsed lung,” says his rep. “He’s expected to make a full recovery. [He] will remain in ICU for a few more days.”

His wife Tori explains how she was told about the accident.

“His friend called me and said he was in the ER,” she tells People. “He didn’t want to scare me so he just said he had a crash and that they were X-raying him.

“At first I was mad,” she added. “I was pissed that he was out biking and crashed. But when I showed up and saw him lying there, and they told me they were admitting him to ICU with a collapsed lung, my heart dropped. My biggest fear had come true.”

Get well soon, buddy.

I know how she feels about motorbikes. My brother owns this great monstrosity of a thing on two wheels, and every time he rides it I break out in hives. I actually wish he’d just sell it and opt for something safer. Yup, those thundering chunks of metal and I don’t mix. The last time I rode one, I ended up wrapped around a tree.


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