Tori Spelling Defends Jessica Simpson's Weight Gain


Tori Spelling has come to the defense of Jessica Simpson after Joy Behar basically called her fat earlier this week on The View. She's not fat. It's just a bad angle (picture below).

Via Celebuzz:

On The View Tuesday, Behar, 69, said: “Most women who are pregnant are not supposed to gain more than 25 pounds -- she looks like she gained a lot more than that". In an exclusive interview with Celebuzz, 38-year-old Tori Spelling — who announced last month that she expecting her forth child, just five months after giving birth — said:

"When women are pregnant, people need to lay off. It’s a really special time and you should be able to deal with it in your own terms. You just have to wear it proud and go with it. Every body is different. As far is weight, you never know what is going to happen. You can’t control what angle people are snapping your photo from."


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