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Topless Protesters Storm Stage During Heidi Klum’s 'Next Top Model' TV Show

"Germany’s Next Top Model" TV show, hosted by Heidi Klum, was interrupted on Thursday when two topless female protesters ran onstage.

One of the protesters had the words “Heidi Horror Picture Show” written across her naked chest and stomach.

“Did I just see breasts in front of me, or did I dream it?” Klum joked after the protesters were removed by security guards.

The partially-nude protesters were part of FEMEN, an Ukrainian feminist activist group famous for topless protests, noted

Based on America’s "Next Top Model," the German version of the model TV show features women hoping to be judged worthy and pretty enough to be a professional model.

After the protest, FEMEN stated on their Facebook page:

FEMEN disrupted the live broadcast of Germany’s most popular casting-show Germany’s Next Top Model. The program format is pimp-show where world-famous supermodel Heidi Klum plays the role of “mom” and forms a bevy of underage girls to fashion-fools…

FEMEN regards the fashion industry as an element of pimp business and has consistently opposed the commercialization of the female body. Every year the fashion business millstones grind hundreds of thousands of girls, promoting the brilliance and richness of modeling career, forcing women to false ideals, provoking a real disease.

Fooled by fashion propaganda, failed by fashion models, women regularly join the ranks of sex workers, and psychiatric patients. Stop the fashion business! Stop Prostitution! The true mission of a woman is a revolution!

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