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Topless Pics of Demi Moore's Daughter Tallulah Willis Smoking Pot?

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's 18 year old daughter Tallulah likes to party with the top down and by top down we mean topless. Apparently someone is shopping around photos of the starlet smoking (what appears to be) a joint with the boobs hanging out. 

There are four pictures looking for a buyer that shows her mugging for the camera. Considering she only turned 18 in February, there is no word on when these pictures were, or if she was a minor at the time. The Willis sisters are no strangers to partying. Tallulah was caught drinking underage last year, sister Rumer was partying with friends when the cops busted in (she was not arrested) and Scout was cited for having a fake ID when she was caught drinking underage last year. They aren't the first teenagers to do that sort of thing, nor will they be the last (I'm not condoning their actions) but of course having the parents they do it makes for tabloid fodder.

Whether these photos exist or not, what is the life tip of the day, girls? Don't take your clothes off and allow pictures of yourselves unless you want the world to see. The internet is forever.


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