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Topless Miley Cyrus Picture May Surface

Apparently there's a topless pic of Miley Cyrus circulating among her friends, and her dad Billy-Ray "ain't none too happy 'bout Jethro and Cooter getting a gander at her baby feeders." His words, of course. A "family insider" told the National Enquirer:

"Billy Ray read Miley the riot act! He told her in no uncertain terms that she could seriously damage her career. But Miley has told her dad that she's almost 20 years old and an adult now. She's no longer a Disney princess!"

In the shocking photo, which The Enquirer has seen, Miley pulls down her white tank top to reveal her left breast. The picture was apparently snapped in 2008, but it's just now making the rounds among her friends.

"Billy Ray has reminded Miley that she still has a large following of impressionable young girls," said the source. "But he just doesn't know what to do about her anymore." (Print Edition - 12/12)

Billy, I feel as if we've had this conversation before. You're in no position to call out your work-horse. Your career is dead, but Miley can still squeeze just a few more drops of blood from that stone. Unless you figure out how to reanimate your life like a zombie from The Walking Dead, you need to keep doing what you've had to do since your daughter was 10: masturbate to her antics and keep telling yourself that "it's just a phase."


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