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New Box Set? Top 10 Worst Jennifer Aniston Films

Rupert Everett slagged off Jennifer Aniston's "tasteless" career during a BBC radio interview yesterday. Ignoring the fact that his last film was, ahem, St Trinian's 2, he does have a point...

Trufax: E4 showed back-to-back episodes of Friends on Christmas day as a little treat for any viewers who hadn't caught enough of the series during 2010, which was probably quite nice for Jennifer Aniston since it's the only decent thing she's been in (aside from Office Space and a couple of other flicks)...

Oddly, HMV is currently flogging a 'Best of Jennifer Aniston' box set in the sale, which features five of the actress's films. Obviously a 'worst of' collection would include many, many more, so we decided to compile our own gallery (here). Some of the films we haven't seen (and we were on a plane for the rest, honest), but we think it's pretty safe to make the assumption that they're all rather bad.

PS - one of the worst things about Aniston is that her rubbish rom-coms drag down some actually quite decent actors.

1. Rock Star

2. Love Happens

3. The Object of My Affection

4. Marley and Me

5. Along Came Polly

6. The Break-Up

7. Picture Perfect

8. Rumor Has It

9. The Bounty Hunter

10. The Switch


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