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Top 10 Celebrity Splits of 2010

Nothing moistens the eyes of the Holy Moly team more than a celebrity break-up (or this on repeat), so we've created our very own Top Ten HM Splits Of The Year to commemorate...

1)Kerry Katona and Mark Croft - Three years, two children and £4million of Kerry Katona's money blown on dying rabbits Pink later, Kerry finally kicked Mark Croft to to the kerb - which is probably where he's still living now.

2) Ashley and Cheryl Cole - Hey, at least we got to recycle and embellish ol' Cole's pink twinset.

3)Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva - This break-up was made all the sweeter more bitter when Oskana revealed to the world those romantic tape recordings of Mel whispering sweet nothings during the early days of their relationship. Like threatening to burn the house when she refused to suck his c***. Bottoms up, Mel!

4) Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson - Goodbye Yellow Pr*** Toad.

5) Chanelle and Jack Tweed - This lasted about as long as their shag round the back of Faeces nightclub (probably) but the best bit about it being over was the discreet and mature way in which Chantelle handled it.

6) Lenny Henry and Dawn French - Enough is enough.

7) Courteney Cox and David Arquette - Best midlife crisis ever.

8) Sandra Bullock and Jesse James - We didn't know anything about Jesse James while he was married to Sandra Bullock. Now we know too much.

9)Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman - We still reckon Aguilera only did it to plug her shitty film Burlesque which no one apart from perhaps Perez Hilton is ever going to see...

10)Eva Longoria and Eva Longoria - sportman (allegedly) cheats on wife. Next!

*sobs* Hannah Waterman and Ricky Groves *bawls out eyes*


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