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Too Short Arrested for DUI

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The west coast rapper known as Too Short was arrested earlier today for a DUI.

According to the NY Daily News, Too Short tried to escape taking a sobriety test. Later he tried to get rid of narcotics while sitting in the police cruiser, which lead to him getting rearrested for felony drug possession.

Lt. Marc Reina of the Los Angeles Police Department told the Daily News, “He was stopped for DUI investigation, ran from officers and actually tripped and fell. He got maybe half a block and was taken into custody there. He discarded narcotics in the police car.”

Too Short was born Todd Anthony Shaw and gained popularity in the 1980s for his album “Life is…Too Short.”

The rapper reportedly participated in a shooting that ended in the fatal crash that killed rapper Kenny Clutch and a few others in Las Vegas. Too Short denies being in Las Vegas at the time or aware of the incident.

Source: NY Daily News


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