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ABC’s “Modern Family” to Show Gay Kiss Tonight

A lot of fans complained last season when Cam and Mitchell didn’t kiss at the airport last season (a Facebook page was even started!) during an episode of Modern Family.

Tonight’s episode of the Emmy-winning comedy addresses what turns out to be Mitchell’s (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) freakish aversion to PDA. And yes, they do lock lips before the half hour is over.

I talked to Jesse about the controversy at a pre-Emmy party in late August:  “If I hear the words kiss or Facebook one more time I’m going to explode!” he joked.

He then added more seriously: “I think we really need to be grateful that there are these great characters on TV right now and try and stop nit-picking. There’s a storyline in the works about my PDA, we have it coming. We hope to be on the air for seven years we need storylines, we gotta store some of this stuff up. Maybe it didn’t come early enough for some people but I do want people to trust us. But I’m also thrilled that the fans were adamant enough to create a Facebook page, so many people joined it. That just goes to show what our fan base is like, and I don’t want them to feel bad for doing that, and I’m honored that they did."

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