Actor Tom Sizemore Questioned in Girlfriend's Disappearance


You know what is interesting about Tom Sizemore? Just when you start to forget about him, he pulls some crazy stunt and gets himself arrested or steals crazy stuff from a Verizon store or beats a girlfriend, and you end up asking yourself, what happened to such a promising career? Drugs and booze. Hear that Lindsay?

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Anyway, Tom was living with a girlfriend up until March 31st. They stopped living together then because the girlfriend disappeared. Umm, Hello? Has someone asked Tom about where she is? Glad you asked. Yes, they have. After all of the girl's relatives said Tom was the last person to see her, the police after a month decided that maybe they should speak to Tom about her disappearance. Apparently he is being cooperative.

Hmm, I don't want to speculate, but lets be real. If this was someone other than Tom Sizemore, what would be your guess? Plus, he does not exactly have a unscathed past when it comes to his dealings with women. I can't believe it took a month for the police to talk to him.


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