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Tom Cruise Visits Daughter Suri

Tom Cruise's spaceship touched down in New York yesterday where he had his first visit with daughter Suri since his split from Katie Holmes. He took her to her regular gymnastics' lesson at Chelsea Piers and the photographers were en masse waiting for them outside his hotel. I think the attention feeds Tombo's enormous Alien head ego.

People's cover story this week is that Tom Cruise is shattered and in a world of pain over Katie Holmesleaving his ass. While friends concede he is not 'bitter' he is indeed sad and is struggling to come to terms with 'what happened' as apparently he was 'blind sided' by her leaving him.

The first  comment on that post (by a LynnA) echo my sentiments. How can a 50 year old man who is as accomplished in his career as him, and married for five years NOT know that his wife was unhappy? That tells me she is either a stellar actress who can hide her emotions from him that well (although this picture begs to differ as she looks so damn miserable) or this is a man who is so clueless (or in denial), or narcissism that he was totally oblivious to her needs or the fact she even existed for that matter. He was not 'present' in his marriage. 

Does it all boil down to his religious beliefs? If she doesn't agree to what he believes in, is she then unimportant? Did he think he could change her as often people make that mistake with partners? 

Either way they seem to be doing right by Suri and that's the main thing.


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