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Tom Cruise Uses Katie Holmes' Makeup?

Apparently Tom Cruise is not liking the aging process. Hey, Tom, join the club. Let me let you in on a little secret. Futons are great when you are, like, 20. Try sleeping on one when you are older, and you can spend the first 20 minutes of your morning trying to straighten your back out. I do more groaning before 9am than most porn stars do all day.

Anyway, The National Enquirer says that Tom has been using Katie Holmes' makeup, including her face creams and other products, to stay younger looking. "He has started applying Katie's high-priced facial creams, cleansers and even her makeup - and he loves the results!"

And when he needs that little extra something for a public event, he breaks out the Spanx, and then "he even slathers on Katie's foundation before public events, and lightly applies her mascara to make his eyelashes look fuller."


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