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Tom Cruise Dances With Jennifer Lopez at MTV Movie Awards

He has a reputation for being somewhat uptight, but there was no holding Tom Cruise back as he performed a jaw-dropping hip hop routine with Jennifer Lopez at the MTV Movie Awards.

The actor reprised his role as Les Grossman, the fat, balding foul-mouthed Hollywood producer character he played in Tropic Thunder.

Bumping and grinding their way across the stage, the pair performed a highly synchronised set, full of cheoreographed moves.

At one point Lopez spanked a willing Cruise, but ticked him off when he attempted to return the favor.

The pair were cheered on by Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes, who sat in the front row.

The hilarious ended with Cruise making a valiant attempt at doing the splits, which he only half-completed.

Cruise had earlier launched the ceremony under the guise of profanity-spewing Grossman.

In the opening parody, Grossman cast Twilight stars Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson as mustached cops, used Michael Cera as a human bookend and yelled at The Karate Kid star Jaden Smith as father Will Smith looked on.

Check out the video at MTV.


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